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Alexandria Earrings | Gold Lapis

The Alexandria Earrings are handmade using natural gemstones to give them a luxurious vintage vibe that will surely grab the eye.

Designed in Sydney, Australia these earrings feature striking lapis and gold plating.

Handmade from nickel and lead-free brass, they feature an anti-tarnish electro-coating with hypoallergenic posts and backs made from 925 silver. They also have a post and a clip for extra support and to make wearing statement earrings feel comfortable. 

RRP $240

  • Available for pierced ears only
  • Measures approximately 3cm x 9cm
  • Weight: 72.2 grams

Please note each and every pair of earrings is unique due to them being handmade and the use of natural stones. No two natural stones are the same and the stones may vary in colour and appear slightly lighter in the image.  


4 DAY RENTAL | Please select a date that is two days prior to your event.

NOTE | We do not accept bookings made less than one week in advance. 


Photos used with permission from Angelina Alvarez